Uprising Radio: new beginnings

Since her first spoken word piece on a popular poetry podcast, “The Plus Effect’s Fever Friday”, she was featured on and cohosted a number of poetry shows until landing a spot on one of the most respected and talented of rosters- “Epiphany Radio!”.  Since her high velocity beginnings, Sylvia has gone on to host “Poetry IN The Raw”, an online spoken word venue that features topic driven spoken word events, tightly produced “cyphers” in which poets are given a focus and then featured in a “back to back” round of some of the most amazing poetry the world has to offer...in addition, Poetry In the Raw has hosted"Features", interviews of poets, musicians and artists from across the country that celebrates their interwoven, collaborative culture . Experimenting with different providers, including pop up on line poetry shows on Talkshoe.com and Spreaker before establishing itself on BlogTalkRadio, “Uprising” has grown from a book of poetry, to an online spoken word station. 

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/uprising_radio is the home of “Poetry In The Raw” and is the flagship station to The Queendom Network,  the longtime vision of the graphic designer, poet and business professional. The Queendom Network works to promote the vital content in Spoken Word poetry as well as providing resources to artists, poets, spoken word artists and those who wish to advance the cause of more clear and open communication during a time of shifting messaging and conflicting communication styles. 


Syli Me Quote:

You can not do well, that which you do not like.