My Mission

A business should have a "Mission statement" as a means of conveying what its human based goal is. Mission statements rarely if ever address dividends, stock portfolios, golden parachutes, high revenue or low chargeback except in the businesses directly related to those things. Presenting a "mission statement" on my personal website suggests that I have a purpose or a goal and know what that is. As it turns out, that is partially true for me. While I am a person, I am also a contractor...a "business", if you will. My survival is tied into my well being- my mental-physical-spiritual-financial health. This isn't, however a "goal" as to choose not to survive is to die, one way or another. My personal "mission" is the result of having remained open to a "groove" or a type of work that I am able to do naturally while learning to things I've never done before. A cosmic trade off, if you will. I would like to grow a small business into a network or corporation with like minded individuals. I would like this to grow into a non profit organization supported by a network of small businesses (the like minded folk). I would like this small non profit to be of benefit to the communities identified by these small businesses and in alignment with a predetermined set of collective goal surrounding "communication", "customer service" , "poetry" and/or "spoken word performances" as well as the ongoing needs. My mission is to develop an Ubuntu methodology of doing business and being a griot that I can do for the rest of my life. My goal in doing so is to promote the role of the "griot" in mainstream culture and support the ongoing efforts of the black poetry community and African American Art and its contributions to the world voice.

My "mission" is not all about work. There is something

Sacred Promises

  • Live a life that is sustainably happy
  • Repay the generosity I've been shown directly and indirectly
  • Build a shared life with shared purpose and responsibility
  • Grow as an Artist, Entrepreneur and Villager
  • Embrace My Passion

Syli Me Quotes

What is in your cup is for you, its what spills over that is for everybody else. John A. Nalls I