Transforming the Side Hustle

With over 30 years of work experience, I have used what I've learned to know what I can do to "keep a roof over my head." In addition to the things I learned in school and the things I learned at my jobs, there are things that I was just born with the natural ability to do. We're All Like This!

What I Do

  • Build a "pure" resume utilizing everthing you can do
  • Find free/low cost opportunities to implement your plan
  • Online Presence Assessment-Help Me Help You Help Them Find You!
  • Clocking Your Dollars- Develop a Financial Accountability Plan!
  • Business Plan Creation/Documentation

The Struggle Is Real

By identifying, how much we need to "survive" and how much of that we can make with a "side hustle", we can start determining how much less we need to make at our jobs as we make more with our own business! I have had these kind of consultations with family, friends, co-workers and direct reports for decades and very recently began employing my assistance as a service. From

Syli Me Quote

The Struggle is Only As Real As I Allow It To Be.