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Uprising: was first published in November 2017. The first published work by author, Sylvia L. Blalock, it began as her freshman effort as the newly crowned “Rising Star of the Year” in an online poetry contest. The depth and range of this collection of poetry covers the act of “breaking bread with family and friends, to her a heartfelt and personal glimpse into her admiration of the artist, Prince. She does not observe the common binderies of poetry, choosing to discuss music, family, politics, religion, beauty and the human experience…from the perspective of a modern black woman. Her range of topic, style and expressed emotion garnered her a devout core group of poets from the burgeoning Black poetry community that she was introduced to in 2015. With the exception of “Purr-a Short Story” and to some degree the acrostic poem, “California Dreaming” (which you must read to see that the first letter of each line spell out the title) , the pieces in this book are meant to be read out loud. The collection of poems is grouped together to create a fluid, poetry experience. For a self-published, self-edited book, the fastidious footnotes and tributes are both professional and heartfelt. The notes on the different styles of poetry that might not be as familiar to poetry readers as well as a break down of the Prince songs by name, album, year as they appear in her tribute poem to The Artist. The book opens with “Breaking Bread”, inviting one and all to the feast of the soul. This magical ride of words, goes into beautiful and complex family interconnections, to the ever-present love poem with skill, a rich vocabulary and the freedom of experience. Her unflinching look at modern life- insurance, politics, dysmorphia and depression, passion and success…a true adventure of life.

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UPRISING:a book of poetry is available for purchase as a printed book. The Kindle version is being refined for a more accessible experience and will be released soon. Click here for more information. Autographed copies are availble via invoice

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Sista, Surfacing and other adventures

By identifying, how much we need to "survive" and how much of that we can make with a "side hustle", we can start determining how much less we need to make at our jobs as we make more with our own business! I have had these kind of consultations with family, friends, co-workers and direct reports for decades and very recently began employing my assistance as a service. When I began to do as much as I could for myself, and do it to the best of my ability-magic happened. Stay Tuned- much more on the horizon

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"When you're On The Right Track, The Road will to meet your feet"- Sylvia L. Blalock